Australia Post customer sparks heated debate over postie complaint

An Australia Post customer’s complaint about her delivery driver has sparked a heated debate this week, with social media users torn over who is in the wrong.

The customer uploaded two photographs to the Australia Post Complaints Facebook group, showing three muddy tyre tracks on her front lawn and driveway.

“After a week of rain thought it was ok to ride on the footpath,” she told the group.

The post received many reactions from group members who share the woman’s frustrations.

Tyre tracks in lawn and on brick driveway, left by Australia Post worker
Some people think the Australia Post worker is at fault, while others disagree. Source: Facebook

“I’d be p***ed off if this was my lawn. This lady has a right to complain,” one group member wrote.

“I use to have the same bloody problem. Postie was too lazy to ride back out onto the road from next door's letterbox,” said another, adding that he erected a temporary fence to prevent Australia Post workers from tearing up his lawn. “My neighbours on both sides did the same thing as the postie was just making it a mud pit."

“Ours does it all the time,” commented a third.

“The marks left on the brickwork disturb me the most. It is dirt and the property owner is the one who has to clean it. Postie should be more appreciative of this and refrain from dirtying properties,” added a fourth.

'Stop bloody whingeing': Others disagree with customer's complaint

Not everyone is sharing the same opinion as the woman who made the original complaint, with many labelling the post as a “first world problem.”

“Where else are they gonna ride the bike to deliver the mail, that’s how the posties have delivered the mail since the beginning of time, stop bloody whingeing,” one group member said.

Be glad your mail is being delivered. Some don’t have a house to have it delivered to,” said a third.

Another group member who has previously identified himself as a postie also weighed in on the customer’s complaint.

“So we get a LOT of this... end result is, we keep off the road as much as possible for our safety. In spite of bright yellow shirts and red bikes, people still don't see us,” he said.

“The part we ride on is council property. Like everyone else you are just going to have to live with it.”

Australia Post explains delivery obligations

An Australia Post spokesperson has clarified community service obligations to Yahoo News, and apologised for the damage showcased in the customer’s photograph.

“Australia Post works hard everyday to deliver letters and parcels to millions of Australians,” the spokesperson said.

“In line with our community service obligations, we are required to deliver to letterboxes, located on the boundary of each address, where it is safe to do so.”

Australia Post postie on bike on grass
Australia Post says that its posties must travel on footpaths and nature strips in order to safely deliver mail around the country. Source: Getty Images

“This means our posties will travel between one home and another, on footpaths and nature strips in every corner of our country,” continued the spokesperson.

“We will always work with the local community to ensure we minimise any damage whilst we provide this essential service.

Recent wet weather in QLD and NSW has meant that grassed areas are heavier than normal at this time of the year and we apologise for any damage caused on this occasion.”

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