Audubon Nature Institute Tries to Get New Orleans Saints’ Attention With Football Playing Penguins

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Football season is just around the corner, and Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana has some new recruits for their NFL home team! The zoo has a penguin exhibit, and one of the enrichment toys they provide the colony is a football. The penguins were born to play the game it seems, and they show off their skills in this video they posted on Tuesday, July 9th!

While the penguins might not know exactly what to do with the football, they sure have fun batting it around! The first penguin seems to be trying to get it out of the water for a touchdown. Audubon even tags the New Orleans Saints in their caption saying, "We have your next recruits ready!"

The Saints are my favorite NFL team, and I vote they sign those penguins! If nothing else, they should at least have a team building day and head to Audubon Nature Institute to teach the penguins some basic moves. It would be fun for the players, the penguins, and for all of us to watch! One commenter took it a step further and said, "I would love to see this as an animated movie by DreamWorks." Not a bad idea!

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Cool Facts About Penguins

While I don't necessarily have a favorite animal, I do love watching penguins. I enjoy seeing their cute little waddles, their playfulness and goofiness, and how they interact with each other. They're also very curious; just check out these two that found a hidden research camera and pulled off the ultimate photobomb! I've written about penguins and learned so much about this over the last couple of years that I thought I'd share some facts about them that you may not know.

One of the coolest things I've learned about them has to do with their black and white coloring. Their tuxedo-like looks aren't just a fashion statement, the colors actually help protect them from predators while hunting. When they are swimming, if you look at them from above, their black backs blend into the dark ocean water. If you look at them from below, their white bellies match the bright surface. And they do a lot of hunting. Penguins love to eat...they eat about 2 pounds of food each day, and during the winter that is doubled. They spend a lot of time looking for food.

Penguins love to give each other rocks - it's like giving a special gift. It's also the way that male penguins show potential mates they're interested in getting to know them better - the perfect rock is the best gift around!

National Geographic wildlife photographer Bertie Gregory taught me that penguin colonies smell absolutely terrible...penguins stink! My family was at the Georgia Aquarium this past weekend, and I could smell the penguins before I could see them. If you ever visit them at a zoo, you'll definitely remember their stinky smell!

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