Atlanta Man Calls 911 After Neighbor Fails to Properly Clean Cat's Litter Box

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On May 14, the Atlanta Police Department shared a 9-1-1 call that definitely does not constitute an emergency. This call was from a concerned citizen that wanted assistance from the police department for a pretty odd reason.

He was upset over how another resident of the boarding home where he resides was not cleaning her cat's litter box enough.

The Atlanta Police Department posted on Facebook, "Just a friendly reminder: We love our feline friends, but that lingering odor from your cat's litter box isn't an emergency situation. While we understand that pet odors can be unpleasant, they're NOT something to dial 9-1-1 for. "

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The department then goes on to explain when you should call 9-1-1 and when you should call 3-1-1.

Now, not to be judgmental but it does sound like the gentleman making the call is a little on the elderly side. "The cat has the house smelling bad, m'am."

That poor operator, she has the patience of an angel.

Did anyone else notice the part about how her other outdoor cat died? I wonder why that was? I mean, come on, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats.

Hopefully public service announcements like this do the trick so police can focus on actual crimes like murder and stuff, but if you have a cat and you need tips on how to keep their litter box clean, read on. That way you won't have to call the cops on yourself or your cat if it smells bad.

Tips To Keep Your Litter Area Smelling Better

I have three cats, so I know a little something something about litter boxes. If you aren't lucky enough to own a litter robot like this one (I personally don't, they are expensive!), then you have to scoop your litter boxes frequently. I probably scoop mine about five times a day. It's just a habit. One thing that is super helpful with this is a litter genie. If you've ever had a baby and used disposable diapers you may be familiar with the Diaper Genie, but there's also a version for cat litter called a Litter Genie and it makes a huge difference with how my house smells. The Litter Genie is a game-changer because you keep it next to your litter box and you scoop the mess into the litter genie and it seals it off so the area where you keep your litter smells so much better, plus you aren't traipsing back and forth to your trash can. You buy these refills for it and change them out once they are full and it's such a lifesaver for keeping your home smelling clean and your litter box actually clean. I couldn't live without mine.

You should also have multiple litter boxes, and most experts suggest to have one more box than you have cats.

Change them frequently, wash them with detergent when needed, and your house should smell a lot better. Without you having to complain to the police about it.

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