Animal Shelter Shows Off Their Cats' Unique 'Breeds' in Heartwarming Compilation


No matter what kind of cat you'd like to have around the house, you can find them at an animal shelter. It might take more than one visit, and you will definitely need to keep an open mind, but your BFF (your best furry friend, that is) is probably a lot closer than you think. Even kittens and purebred cats find themselves at animal shelters sometimes!

If you don't believe me, just take it from the cat caretakers from the Humane Society Pikes Peak in Colorado. These feline experts have seen it all, and they can say with utmost certainty that they house all kinds of 'unique breeds' of cats. They even introduced some of these special kitties in an April 11 TikTok video!

OMG--what precious cats! Each of these babies is cuter than the last, and they all have something special that helps them stand out. Ellie-Bellie, the white cat, already has such a unique look with her heart-shaped nose, but the name 'long-haired wackadoodle' tells us that she has personality to spare. Just be ready to brush this cat's fur on a regular basis!

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Don't even get me started on Junior, the 'big ole' wedding beefcake.' He looks like one of the most stylish tuxedo cats I've ever seen! He was so happy to be getting attention from the animal shelter volunteer, and it's easy to see how he would thrive in a forever home.

And if you're looking for a purebred cat, look no further than Teddy the 'pure bread' cat! He can loaf around like nobody's business, and his light orange fur couldn't be any more stunning. His new unique cat breed name is also a great reminder that you might get exactly what you need from a pet you would've never expected! After all, shelter pets like these cats are just as loving and loyal as those who come from a breeder.

Choosing the Right Cat Breed

It can be difficult to know based on information alone what cat breed would fit best in your home. That's because many of the cats you'll meet, especially in animal shelters, are mixes of breeds! Some feline experts can distinguish potential breeds based on a physical characteristics, but in many cases, it's impossible to tell.

Although researching cat breeds can be a smart idea for potential cat adopters, every individual cat also has behaviors and traits specific to themselves--not their breed. Some cats may be the spitting image of breed standard, while others don't look a thing like their own breed. Luckily, whatever is on the outside has no effect on what's inside! Any cat has the potential to be sweet, loyal, and whatever else you're looking for in a feline, so don't hesitate to visit your local animal shelter to meet your new best friend. Could it be someone like Tallulah, the house terror in training?

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