Angie Harmon Breaks Her Silence on Delivery Driver Who Killed Her Dog

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Back at the beginning of April 2024, actress Angie Harmon shared on Instagram the shocking news of the killing of her dog Ollie. She posted pictures and videos of her beloved dog and in her caption explained that he had been shot and killed by an Instacart driver over Easter weekend at her Charlotte, North Carolina home.

More than a month and a half later, Harmon finally broke her silence during an interview with Good Morning America. In the clip that was shared on Wednesday, May 15th, Angie explains more about what happened that day, and what she's doing to hopefully prevent similar situations from happening to other families.

People were outraged that charges weren't filed. I thought it was interesting that her daughter said she has several deliveries made to the house daily and that the dog had never attacked any delivery driver before. It was also shocking to learn that the person Harmon thought she was texting with was an older woman named Merle, not a gun toting man.

I was also surprised by how many GMA commenters blamed Harmon for the incident. @queenbeenie said and several others left similar comments, "There’s no camera footage I mean, who doesn’t have cameras at their homes these days. Either way it’s terrible." Luckily, people stepped up to defend the actress, @E.S. shared "You sound like you're victim blaming. There are plenty of people who don't have cameras at their homes. I for one don't and I know none of my neighbors do." and @Tiffany added, "I don't have cameras. Nice victim blaming though." The actress actually did have cameras; however, she claims that the cameras were inside her home charging and didn't capture the incident.

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Angie Harmon's Instacart Lawsuit

When this incident occurred, all of us wondered if Harmon would sue. At the time, Queen City News Chief Legal Analyst Khalif Rhodes explained that while there may not be any criminal charges filed, it doesn't mean that the Instacart driver will get off scot-free. "The family could sue him and the delivery service. Because now you’ve had this loss of life for our dog, and you’ll have a number of things that they’ll be able to point to, specifically the emotional trauma that’s connected with that.”

Many people are glad to hear that Harmon is suing, like @Christine, "That poor family! How horrible! Good for you Angie Harmon, sue the heck out of them!" The wheels of justice turn slowly, and it could be years before we find out how this lawsuit ends. Instacart claims no responsibility and other than firing the driver, takes no accountability, even though it's against their policy for drivers to have weapons.

I know that the lawsuit has nothing to do with money but it's just the only leverage she has to help make positive change. I hope that she wins and gets some justice, even though I'm sure she'd rather have Ollie alive than the money.

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