'Anatomy Of A Fall' Star Messi Inspires Some Doggone Hilarious Memes At 2024 Oscars


Messi, the canine star of “Anatomy of a Fall,” stole social media users’ hearts as he was filmed sitting like a good boy at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

The seven-year-old border collie –– who plays the role of Snoop in the Oscar-nominated French legal drama –– wasn’t expected to attend. But he appeared during the broadcast on several occasions during the broadcast.

(Those cameos may have been pre-recorded. HuffPost has reached out to the academy to confirm; we’ll update if we hear back.)

Messi, nonetheless, got a shoutout from host Jimmy Kimmel during the show’s opening monologue.

“Messi, even though he’s a dog, may have given the performance of the year in ‘Anatomy of a Fall,’” said Kimmel, who later referred to a key scene in the Best Picture-nominated film.

“I haven’t seen a French actor eat vomit like that since Gérard Depardieu.”

The cameras later cut to Messi clapping in the audience. In a later clip, the canine urinated on Matt Damon’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the ceremony came to an end.

Messi, who previously attended the Cannes Film Festival where he won the Palm Dog Award last year, inspired a number of doggone hilarious memes on Oscars night.