Amanda Holden wows fans by posing naked on a pile of money

Amanda Holden has wowed fans by sharing a picture of herself naked and covered in money.

The TV star is known for flashing a bit of flesh in her racy TV outfits, which has resulted in complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom in the past.

But her latest look took things to another level.

The saucy snap shared on Instagram shows the Britain’s Got Talent star nude and lying down on a pile of £50 notes.

Carefully placed bills protect her modesty.

It was shared as Heart Radio, where Holden has a slot, prepares to give away a whopping £1m.

“I’ve checked the notes are real and I’m ready to make someone a millionaire,” said Holden, 50. “Please join us for the Million Pound Final of @thisisheart Make Me A Millionaire on Friday from 6:30am.”

“Anyone seen my frock?” she teased.

Friends and fans were dazzled by the image.

This Morning’s Alison Hammond labelled it “saucy”, while Holden’s Heart colleague Ashley Roberts quipped: “She expensive.”

Several people, including presenter Jenni Falconer and designer Kyle De'Volle, added flaming hot emojis.

“Anything I’d say would be more than cheeky right now, but WOW!” joked one fan.

"You look a million dollars," gushed another, while one fan said that the picture made their day.

Others asked if the station could possibly give away a date with Holden instead of the pile of cash.