Adorable 'Tri-Pawed' Shelter Dog Melts Hearts at Minnesota Animal Shelter

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Every shelter dog has a special story that's worth being told, whether they arrived at the shelter in their golden years or in their first few weeks of life. It can be impossible to know just what these resilient animals have gone through, but what we do know for sure is that they all deserve a loving, dedicated owner. That's why shelter staff and volunteers work so hard to give these sweet animals the Happily Ever Afters that they deserve.

Dilly is one of those special shelter animals who makes friends wherever he goes. He's a staff favorite at the Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and it's not just because of his 'pawsitive' attitude and affectionate personality.

Dilly recently had his right rear leg amputated, and he's been a strong, spirited boy throughout each step of his hardship. In a March 27 video, shelter staff showed off Dilly's happy personality in hopes of finding him an owner as loving as he is.

OMG--what a happy dog! Dilly's tail didn't stop wagging throughout the entire video, which says a lot about his resilience and the shelter's dedication to his care. If a dog who's recently had an amputation can be this happy in the shelter, they must be doing something right!

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This brindle-colored dog arrived at the Minnesota animal shelter with an old injury to his back right leg which he sustained at another facility. While it couldn't be healed or saved, removing the leg has actually been a blessing for this active dog. Now he can live his life pain-free! It's an adjustment to move around with only 3 legs, of course, but this brave shelter dog has met every challenge with strength and joy.

Shelter staff say that Dilly is 'sweet and gentle' with people, though they don't know how he will act around other dogs or cats. What they do know is that he will make the right person one proud dog owner!

Learning to Live With Three Legs

In the same way that people learn to adjust to living life after losing a limb, dogs often have no long-term concerns after an amputation. Running on three legs isn't that different than running on four legs, after all, and most canine amputees live long and happy lives. The main concern is healing from the procedure itself, but once they're rested and recouped, life can begin anew.

Just ask Dilly! Even though he's been through unimaginably hard times, he's ready to get a new 'leash' on life with his friends at the Tri-County Animal Shelter.

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