Adorable Piglet Tries a Peach for the First Time and Makes Everybody Smile

Shutterstock/Bogdan Cherniak

An adorable piglet named Auggie lives at a farm sanctuary called Uncle Neil's Home. She loves trying new foods, and one of her humans' favorite firsts was when she tried a peach for the first time with her best friend, an elderly dog named Neil. They originally shared the video on Facebook in 2022 and re-shared the throwback favorite again at the end of May.

The video starts with someone handing Auggie a slice of a peach and she happily gobbles it right down. Neil patiently waits for his fruit treat, and also quickly gobbles it down. If you're into ASMR, make sure your sound is on so you can hear their little peach crunches!

I could watch (and listen to!) Auggie eat all day! She's such a cute little piglet and now I want one of my own! Fans of Uncle Neil left more than 400 comments about the adorable video. I agree with @Kimberly Jones who said, "Why is it that people chewing loudly makes me sick, but these two are the cutest things ever?" @Tabitha Schabo swooned, "The little lip smacks! Gah!" @Larry Douglas made me laugh when he pointed out, "Auggie is making sure to get every bit of taste out of that slice of peach!"

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Do Pigs Make Good Pets?

I've known several people who have kept pigs as pets, and they lived inside for the most part. After watching this video, of course I want a pet pig of my own, but do they really make good pets? A couple of commenters also wondered if pigs can be potty trained. The answer to both questions is yes!

Pigs are extremely intelligent and can be potty trained and learn many different tricks and commands, much like dogs. They are extremely loyal and become very attached to their humans. That being said, a pig and dog probably may not make the best pet combination (dogs are natural predators of pigs) if they're both living inside of the home. However, in Auggie and Neil's case it definitely worked.

Everybody thinks of pigs as being stinky, but surprisingly, that's not always true. Pigs are actually very clean animals and if you bathe them regularly, they aren't stinky. They are also hypoallergenic. Yes, pigs have hair, and if you're normally allergic to cat or dog fur, a hypoallergenic pig might be a pet to consider instead.

Pigs need to have room to play and run around, so you do have to have a yard for them to exercise in. They also need somewhere to root; it's a natural behavior that all pigs do to look for food, cool off, and even as a source of comfort.

As with any pet, it's important to do your research to learn about an animal's needs, exercise requirements, personality, and temperament. Bringing home an animal simply because it's cute could lead to a very unhappy animal, not to mention family.

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