Adorable Maltese’s Hesitation to Climb the Stairs Is Just Too Cute

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There are some really cute videos on TikTok of pet parents sharing the funny things that their pets do, and this one of Gigi the Maltese is one of them! Gigi's mom shared a video at the beginning of May of what happens every single time Gigi has to go up the stairs in their home, and it is adorable!

The video starts with Gigi at the bottom of the stairs and mom telling her to go up them. Gigi looks very unsure of having to climb all those stairs. She's so little that it must seem like a daunting task! She keeps looking at her mom like she's waiting for her to just pick her up, but mom's only willing to encourage her to do it on her own. Watch until the end because when Gigi finally does it, she does it like a pro!

It's almost like Gigi just needs to gather the courage (motivation? energy?) to do it because clearly she can do it on her own! I was surprised by how many commenters thought the stairs were scary. @Ginny pointed out, "Those are bloody scary stairs - you’d have to carry me up those things" and another commenter added, "Poor thing, but she was brave in the end." @SILKI7884 shared, "My Maltese also is so afraid of steps with slats. He thinks he will fall through." and Gigi's mom replied, "Gigi has had a few near misses which is why she is so reluctant!!"

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Do Maltese Make Good Pets?

I write about a lot of dog breeds here, and I was actually a bit shocked to realize that I've only written about Maltese one other time! Gigi is such a cute little dog that I wondered if Maltese make good pets. Overall, it sounds like they really do!

Maltese are known to be friendly, affectionate, and highly intelligent dogs. They are adaptable and easily trained; they learn quickly and love learning new tricks. They are extremely loving with their humans and require very little exercise. In fact, their original purpose was to be companion dogs to royalty. They also get along great with other animals.

And don't let their small size fool you - Maltese make good watch dogs! They are highly alert and tend to bark excessively so they'll let you know when something's amiss. I guess the barking could also be considered a con if you were making a pros and cons list.

As with all dog breeds, there are positives and negatives. Maltese do good with older children, but not small children; Your Purebred Puppy says only children over the age of 9 or so. They're also notoriously known for being difficult to potty train. They get separation anxiety, and when left alone for too long they will bark and become destructive. Because of their size, they are also very fragile.

Before bringing any new pet home, make sure to do your own research to determine if a breed is right for your family. Just because a dog is cute doesn't mean that they'll fit into your lifestyle, and the last thing anybody wants is an unhappy dog!

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