Adorable Corgis’ Epic ‘Battle’ Is Making Everybody Smile


Just like siblings, sometimes our pets fight. They can get annoyed with each other, jealous, or sometimes it just gives them something to do. Brady and Graffiti are uncle and nephew, and they are each other's best friends...and sometimes worst enemies. Their mom shared an adorable video of the two of them in an epic 'battle' and it's the cutest thing you'll see today.

The video was shared at the end of March on a nice spring day. The two Corgis are out for a walk when Graffiti tries to steal the spotlight from Brady. Brady isn't having it, and a battle ensues. Make sure your sound is on because the narration makes the scene even funnier!

I don't know about you, but I could watch Brady and Graffiti battle all day! The booty bounce was my favorite part, and the fact that neither one of them seem to have enough energy to continue the battle. @lucian had my favorite comment about the scene, "Great corgimentary!" and @RACHEL added, "I would listen to a full documentary of these loafs!" I would too! And @wildchild made me laugh when they shared, "Must be something with a long body, my Weens throw their back ends around too LOL!"

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Taming the Vocal Corgi

I've always wanted a Corgi...until I learned that they are high-energy dogs and also very vocal. You might have been able to tell in the video that there seemed to be a lot of barking going on. These cute Corgis are barkers and also are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Because they love to hear themselves, they bark at anything and everything and even at nothing. Corgis are herding dogs, and were bred to be bossy, and one way they get attention is by being so vocal!

Corgis may be barkers, but many people swear that you can train them to stop barking. They are extremely smart dogs and can be stubborn, so you'll have to be patient and diligent with training to get them to stop barking. Many owners have had success with teaching their Corgis the "quiet" command. Others find success with praising their pups when they don't bark (don't forget to give them treats!) or by using distraction techniques (like a can filled with pennies that you shake when they bark).

I think Corgis are absolutely adorable, and some of my favorite animal TikTok stars are Corgis, but all that barking would drive me crazy! If you're like me and looking for more of a quiet dog, check out these four dog breeds that aren't big barkers.

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