Adorable bear cub plays in hammock at Bolivian animal sanctuary

An adorable rescued bear cub had some fun playing in her hammock at a Bolivian animal sanctuary, footage shared online shows.

The video, posted by Gosia Zdziechowska to her Polish Dr Dolittle YouTube channel, shows the super-cute cub Chojnita frolicking at her enclosure at La Senda Verde animal refuge.

Zdziechowska told Storyful that the cub arrived at La Senda Verde when she was about three months old, after her mother was killed in “illegal trafficking activities”.

She said that the cub was suffering health issues and malnourished when she came to the sanctuary, but was also “very strong”, and quickly regained her health with their help.“I used to spend with Chojnita about 13 hours a day.

I take care of her, feed her and when she was playing I was watching her.

It was like watching a movie or a series,” Zdziechowska said.She added that the cub is “very lovely and sweet”, but is a wild animal. “She bites people she doesn’t know,” she said.