Action-Packed Orange Kitten Photoshoot Brings All the Adorable Drama

Shutterstock/Happy monkey

Orange cats are known for being feisty, dramatic, and a bit over the top. So when German photographer Nils Jacobi got a chance to do a photoshoot with a couple of orange kittens, he jumped at the chance! Just like you'd imagine, his captured images did not disappoint!

At the beginning of the shoot, it looked like Nils thought that the kittens might need some help to start playing together...he was wrong! The two went at it and started play fighting almost immediately. The photos he took will make you smile, and a few of them might even make you laugh!

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I love this shoot! The facial expressions he caught totally cracked me up and made me smile. I bet he loves his job! And the size of those kittens' paws are silly too...they are almost bigger than the kitties are! Nils' fans left some fun comments about the shoot. @athenaandlucky had my favorite with, "Photoshoot turned into WWE event!" That's so accurate! @thatcorgigirl added, "You always pick the best soundtracks for your posts!" I laughed at @jaymarie0077's comment, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Orange cat photographer!" And @sticcwithmeg spoke for all of us with, "Your account brings me immense joy!"

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Animal Sibling Relationships

Another commenter wondered, "Siblings, perhaps?" and I also thought the same thing! These two adorable kittens remind me so much of how my kids treat each other. I know one of mine constantly picks on one of the others and it gets exhausting to play referee. Maybe next time I should just take pictures of the fight instead of trying to break it up!

There are so many funny pet parents out there that share these fun videos and they always make my day. This woman hilariously narrates her dog and cat's 'fight club' and it's always a hoot to watch! This three-legged boxer's brother and dad were fighting, and he stepped in to break it up. He's not about to let his sibling win! This sneaky Corgi locked his cat sibling in its crate, and by looking at his face you can tell that it was premeditated.

But it's not always just about fights...sometimes siblings (both human and fur babies) actually get along. Check out this parrot who decided to nap with her dog's so sweet! This cat was raised with her dog brother, and she thinks she's a pooch! The relationship between this turkey and goat will totally make you smile. These two BFFs are a duck and a cow, and I always love watching their videos. They do everything together! Anytime I need a pick-me-up, I look for these kinds of videos and they always seem to brighten my mood.

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