Snow on the way in Scotland and more flood misery further south

The UK will see a north-south divide this week with northern parts facing days of treacherous wet and icy conditions, with temperatures much higher further south.

There are a series of yellow weather warnings in place throughout the week, with central and northern Scotland in particular expected to see sub-zero conditions and patches of snow.

Elsewhere there is a yellow weather warning for rain and snow across County Derry and County Antrim in Northern Ireland in force until midday on Tuesday, meaning some flooding is possible.

An alert for snow and ice is also in place from central Scotland down to the Midlands until midnight on Tuesday, which is likely to affect public transport, and pose a risk of stranding to private vehicles.

A concentrated band of heavy rain running from County Durham through the middle of Yorkshire is due to fall from 6pm on Tuesday until 4am on Wednesday bringing travel delays and localised flooding.

Over the later half of the week, a yellow warning for snow is in place in northern Scotland until 6am on Saturday, potentially leading to rural communities being cut off.

Frank Saunders, Met Office chief meteorologist, said: “Rain will push into the southwest of the UK on Monday evening, bringing some heavy rain for southern areas.

“As the weather front ‘bumps’ into colder air further north, the rain will turn to snow, and with up to 4cm falling quite widely a snow and ice warning has been issued.”

Mr Saunders said between 5cm and 10cm of snow could fall over higher ground in southern Scotland and northern England early this week, with the possibility of 20cm or more across the highest roads.

It is a much milder picture further south, with temperatures hitting 10C (50F) in Cornwall on Monday compared with lows of minus 7C (19.4F) in northern Scotland.

With the milder weather comes persistent rain and multiple flood risks.

Winter weather
Winter weather

There are currently 57 flood warnings from the Environment Agency in place across England, with a further 145 flood alerts.

Natural Resources Wales has issued two flood alerts, one for the Carmarthenshire coast and another for south Pembrokeshire.

Jason Kelly, Met Office deputy chief meteorologist, said: “While the south of the UK hangs on to the milder air for much of this week as we approach the weekend, the area of low pressure responsible for the snow across the north of the UK will clear, allowing colder air to push south and west across much of the country.

“Further snow is expected for most parts of Scotland on Friday, while Saturday will be cold for all.”