Amur tigers snuggle up in snowy surroundings together for first time

Two Amur tigers have been spotted snuggling up and rolling around in the snow as they were caught on camera together for the first time.

Botzman and Dominika were carefully introduced to each other in November at Highland Wildlife Park, in the Cairngorms, but were not brought together until last week.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) staff watched on as the endangered pair snuggled up in their snowy surroundings.

In footage from the park, Dominika can be seen in the snow rolling on her back, which keepers have identified as an important behavioural cue that the pair are interested in each other.

Other cues include calling and scent marking.

Botzman only arrived at the park in October and now they have been introduced the pair will remain together during days when she is in season.

It is hoped he will earn his stripes and the pair will go on to have cubs in the future.

Only 500 of the creatures, previously known as Siberian tigers, are left in the wild and they were renamed in the 1990s due to their disappearance from the region.

The park is closed to the public because of the current coronavirus restrictions.