What the papers say – February 1


Captain Sir Tom Moore’s treatment for coronavirus in hospital is splashed across many of the papers, alongside stories of the UK’s continuing vaccine rollout.

Metro leads with the headline “Captain Tom Fights Covid”, reporting the 100-year-old fell ill after returning from a Christmas trip to Barbados.

The Sun writes the country is “united in prayer” for the fundraiser, while the Daily Mirror reports Captain Tom did not get the Covid vaccine as he was suffering from pneumonia.

To vaccines, and The Times carries comments from Prime Minister Boris Johnson after reports all care home residents in England have been offered the jab.

Mr Johnson hailing the “crucial milestone in our ongoing race to vaccinate the most vulnerable against this deadly disease” leads The Daily Telegraph.

While the i reports more than 600,000 vaccines were distributed in a day, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s hopes for a “great summer” feature in the Daily Express.

The Guardian writes the NHS will need months to recover after the Covid crisis, reporting the workforce is “exhausted and traumatised”.

The Independent leads with accusations the government is “failing” to tackle the impact of coronavirus on the poorest in society.

The Daily Mail writes on the “lost generation”, reporting on the financial impact of the pandemic on children’s educations and potential careers.

The Financial Times covers the fallout over the EU plan to curb vaccine exports, saying Brussels is working to reassure its allies.

And the Daily Star leads with news of a “gut-busting new pill” which captures fat and stops it turning into calories.