What the papers say – January 29

Diplomatic tensions and the development of a fourth Covid-19 vaccine for use in Britain are splashed throughout the national papers.

The EU’s coronavirus vaccination plan “is nearing crisis point” due to a shortage of jabs, the Financial Times reports, with The Guardian adding that millions of EU doses could be blocked from entering the UK.

Tony Blair has called “for cooperation” as tensions continue with Brussels over the jabs, according to The Independent.

The Daily Telegraph and Metro cover Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon seemingly siding with the bloc, with the former paper reporting she “pledged to publish confidential vaccine data” despite warnings such an action could jeopardise the UK’s supply.

Matt Hancock is quoted in the i as promising 15 million Britons they “will get second vaccine in time” in line with the Government’s 12-week plan.

The Daily Mail reports the UK secured 60 million doses of the Novavax jab – to be produced on Teesside – which is believed to offer protection against the new UK and South African variants, with The Sun referring to the shot as “Union Vacc”.

The Prime Minister insists in The Times that the Oxford jab is effective for over-65s, despite Germany deciding not to use it for the age group.

The Daily Mirror cites a poll which shows public support to prioritise teachers in the next stage of the vaccine rollout.

The Daily Express mounts a self-described “crusade” demanding urgent support for “Britain’s forgotten and neglected generation of students facing a bleak future” due to educations interrupted by the pandemic.

And the Daily Star says it does not “give a monkey’s” about new research that claims chimps could speak but cannot be bothered.