Susannah Constantine ‘about to lose driving licence’ after speeding offences

Susannah Constantine has said she may be banned from driving after racking up a number of points on her licence.

The former What Not To Wear host, 58, described herself as a “totter” and said she had recently committed two separate speeding offences on a trip to Cornwall.

Drivers can be banned if they get 12 or more penalty points within three years or are convicted of a driving offence.

Appearing on Jeremy Vine On 5, Constantine quipped that she might have to take up cycling.

She said: “I am about to lose my licence I think, so I might have to take up a bicycle. Too many speeding fines. I am what is known as a totter. I keep getting points on my licence.

“I got two in one journey going down to Cornwall on the A303 and I was only like two miles an hour on one stretch and four miles an hour over on another.”

Asked how she managed to beat the traffic, she said: “I went very early in the morning. I left at four o’clock in the morning. I got cameraed. That sinking feeling when the flash goes off.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2018
Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Constantine has previously spoken of her dislike for cyclists and last year had to apologise after saying on her podcast, My Wardrobe Malfunction, that she wanted to run over cyclists – including her own husband – in her car.

The presenter appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 with Anton Du Beke but was the first celebrity contestant eliminated.

In November last year she revealed she had been in recovery from alcoholism for nearly seven years.

Speaking on a podcast, the presenter said it had been “liberating” to acknowledge being an alcoholic publicly.