Rudest things you can do when sending work emails

Working from home means most interactions occur online, including via email. It's not uncommon to receive an email that feels unhelpful, passive-aggressive, or unprofessional. Here are the six rudest things that people do when sending work emails.

1. Rambling on and on in an email rather than getting straight to the point. Be respectful of others' time.

2. Sending out a message with a ridiculous amount of spelling and grammar mistakes. Always proofread.

3. Hitting "reply all" to an email and creating an unnecessary email thread.

4. Criticising colleagues in writing. Emails can be sent to the wrong recipient or accidentally forwarded.

5. Crossing work boundaries and being too unprofessional with your colleagues.

6. Starting off your email in an unfriendly manner. It only takes two seconds to type a greeting.