Charlotte Church: It’s insulting to just say ‘retrain’ in the pandemic

Charlotte Church says she is “disappointed” that the Government has not done more for the arts in the pandemic.

The Government has launched a £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund to save cultural institutions on the brink of collapse.

But Welsh singer Church, 34, said more help is needed.

She told Good Morning Britain that the arts are important “not just from an economic standpoint (as)… the fastest growing industry in the whole of the UK… but vastly important for our wellbeing and for our entire culture”.

“So I’m really disappointed with the way the Government has treated the arts, especially the retrain scheme which I just found quite insulting… the idea if you’re an artist of any type, just retrain,” she told the ITV show.

An ad campaign had suggested a ballet dancer could “reboot” their career by moving in to cyber security.

The poster – one of a series which featured people from a variety of other professions – was heavily criticised on social media, prompting Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to brand it “crass”.

The advert was part of the Government’s Cyber First campaign.

Downing Street said it was part of a “long-running campaign” but its timing was “not acceptable”.

According to Arts Council England, the arts and culture industry contributes more than £10 billion a year to the UK economy, with £3 spent on food, drink, accommodation and travel for every £1 spent on theatre tickets.