Six children and unconscious woman among migrants rescued in English Channel

Six children and a woman who lost consciousness had to be rescued from the cold seas of the English Channel after trying to cross to the UK.

At least 78 migrants were picked up by French authorities on Thursday while several others reached British shores.

Poor conditions in the Dover Strait have made crossings all but impossible for more than a week.

But a drop in wind speeds overnight saw a small flurry of boats attempt the dangerous crossing.

The woman and children were among 35 migrants rescued by French authorities after their boat was spotted by a ferry.

Once they had been helped aboard, the crew of the Abeille Languedoc reported that the woman was unconscious.

The decision was made to rush a doctor out to the boat in order to provide urgent medical attention.

The woman later regained consciousness and the 35 people were taken to the port of Dunkirk.

In UK waters, several Border Force vessels were active from the early hours of Thursday morning.

The Home Office said that 17 people aboard two boats had reached the UK on Thursday.