Patel defends her out-of-town visit, saying: I’m obviously out here working


The Home Secretary has defended the decision to leave London for a meet and greet with police officers, saying it was part of her "statutory duties".

Priti Patel said it was wrong to compare her journey to Hertfordshire and the Prime Minister's trip to Scotland during the pandemic with foreign travel made by so-called influencers.

The Home Secretary has repeatedly criticised those who appeared to be using their fame for creating content on social media as an excuse simply to go on holiday.

She spent just over an hour in Bishop's Stortford on Thursday afternoon, where she met six new recruits, a chief constable, neighbourhood beat officers and local Tory MP Julie Marson.

Ms Patel even remarked, during a brief walk through the town centre with more than two dozen police, aides, close protection officers and media: "It's quite busy round here, or is it just us?"

Asked whether she was heeding Government advice to act like she had the virus, Ms Patel said: "We are here in a Covid-compliant setting ... of course a national requirement is to stay at home.

"I'm obviously out here working, our police officers are out here working day in day out, as I am as well as part of that national coronavirus effort."

Earlier, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Mr Johnson's visit to Scotland was "not essential" during the current lockdown, arguing that politicians have a "duty to lead by example" as the public live under strict restrictions.

Ms Patel said there was a clear distinction between the work of politicians, and that of influencers.

Home Secretary Priti Patel during a foot patrol with new police
Home Secretary Priti Patel during a foot patrol with new police

She said: "First and foremost, in our capacity with statutory duties and responsibilities we have, we are clearly working.

"But clearly when it comes to influencers travelling to Dubai there is no guarantee.

"As I said in Parliament yesterday, people should not be using excuses such as to travel overseas to also go on holiday."

She added: "It seems too many influencers and others – when you see them on social media – they might be posing, beaches, etc, but that cannot be deemed essential at a time of global pandemic."

Ms Patel said she "fundamentally disagreed" with the suggestion there was no real difference between travelling away from their constituencies as she and the Prime Minister had done, and an influencer travelling abroad for their work.

She said: "The Prime Minister and I have statutory duties and responsibilities in terms of our work with Government as ministers of the crown and as public servants.

"That's why you see the Prime Minister every single day working as hard as he does, and why you see me out today with our new police recruits."