The most popular UK cities for motorcyclists revealed

The most popular cities in the UK for bikers have been revealed through new data released today.

Plymouth came out on top as the biggest motorcycling city in the UK, with a total of 7,116 bikes, scooters and mopeds licensed in the city. This equates to one bike for every 16 cars on the road and works out as three bikes licensed for every 100 people. These figures make it the most biker-concentrated city in the UK.

Bristol ranked second in the research – conducted by comparison site with Department for Transport data – with the highest number of bikes licensed in the top 10 at 8,704. However, given the city’s high population, this equates to just two bikes per 100 people and one bike per 21 cars on the road.

Peterborough came next with 3,443 motorcycles licensed, then Kingston-Upon-Hull with 4,735 motorcycles. Given their population, it meant that both cities had two bikes per 100 people.

Daniel McCulloch, motorbike expert at said: “Motorbikes have grown in popularity, with more than 17,000 new bikes licensed over two years. While some cities are attracting more bikers, there are so many hotspots across the UK and the world for bikers to explore.”

However, biking appears far less popular in other areas of the UK. Derry City and Strabane in Northern Ireland, for instance, recorded the lowest number of bikes in a city at 1,185, equating to just one biker per 100 people and for every 49 cars on the road.