Flaming Lips stage concert with audience members inside giant bubbles

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 7
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 7

Rock band The Flaming Lips have staged gigs that saw audience members watch from inside giant Covid-safe "space bubbles".

The shows in Oklahoma, United States accommodated 100 bubbles holding up to three people each, with the band inside their own individual balls.

Camera operator Nathan Poppe documented the show on Saturday, and said he even saw what he believed to be "the very first space bubble concert marriage proposal".

"I believe it was successful but hard to tell from up here," he wrote on Twitter.

In a safety video shared by singer Wayne Coyne ahead of the show, it was explained that audience members would receive a personal speaker inside the bubble.

Concert-goers were also able to hold up signs to show attendants, reading "I have to pee" and "it's hot in here".

The band have previously performed inside inflatable bubbles, with Coyne frequently being seen crowd-surfing in a giant sphere at shows before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Flaming Lips debuted the idea for a "space bubble" concert in a one-song performance for Stephen Colbert's talk show in June 2020.