Disability charity praises Katie Price: Harvey And Me documentary

A disability charity has praised a documentary about Katie Price and her son Harvey.

BBC One’s Katie Price: Harvey And Me, which aired on Monday, followed the model and her son, who is disabled, as he turned 18.

Harvey suffers from partial blindness, Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and learning and behavioural difficulties as a result of a rare genetic disorder.

Sense, which supports families dealing with complex disabilities, said it had been contacted by “many” parents in a similar position to Price after the programme was broadcast.

The charity’s chief executive Richard Kramer said: “The programme was incredible because as well as highlighting the issues that parents of children with complex disabilities face, it also showed its joyous and rewarding moments.

“Harvey is a star, and the incredible bond between him and Katie is clear.

“By bravely opening up about her family’s experience, Katie Price has raised awareness of the pressure on families in her situation – and over the last 12 months, with many services reduced, or stopped altogether, the pressure has never been greater.”

He said Harvey is in a “crucial period”.

The Sun reported earlier this month that Harvey, who is Price’s son with former footballer Dwight Yorke, had been moved to a residential college so he can be taught skills which will help him to lead a more independent life.

Mr Kramer said there are “misconceptions that parents are not doing right by their child in seeking full-time care, but there should be no shame or judgment in finding the right support for their child and themselves”.

He added: “Specialist care settings can be hugely beneficial, supporting disabled children and young adults to become more independent, learn new skills, have fun and make friends.”