Blind guinea pig and sister that guides her search for new home

A blind guinea pig and her sister who helps guide her are looking for a new home.

Ami, a six-year-old black guinea pig, is given guidance by her grey sister, Yuki, because she is completely blind.

The pair were taken in by RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex, in early January after their owner could no longer care for them – and the charity is now seeking a new home for them.

“Poor Ami also has a little head tilt caused by a previous ear problem,” said supervisor Craig Horsler.

“But her health problems don’t cause her any pain and certainly don’t slow her down, thanks to Yuki’s support.

“Ami is always the first to emerge when she hears the rustle of a bag of treats but waits for Yuki to seek them out so she can follow her lead!

“It’s adorable to watch!

“Yuki is more than happy to be her sister’s eyes and looks out for her every day.”

The guinea pigs have an online profile for prospective buyers to view and are being rehomed as a pair because they are so close.

Prospective new owners need to be able to keep the pair indoors only and with children over the age of eight.

“Ami has adapted really well and her blindness doesn’t hinder her at all,” Mr Horsler added.

“Both of the piggies are very confident and friendly, and enjoy spending time around people and being stroked.”