Demands on football managers becoming ever more short-termist – Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche believes the demands on football managers are becoming ever more short-termist, but the Premier League’s longest-serving boss is comfortable with his own contract situation at Burnley as he adjusts to new ownership.

After Frank Lampard was sacked by Chelsea on Monday, Dyche said he believes consumer culture is increasingly influencing football as instant results are demanded, but he is confident Burnley’s new owners appreciate the work he has done since taking over at Turf Moor back in 2012.

Dyche was the subject of increasing speculation in the summer when he was at odds with his former paymasters over player contracts, but with his popularity still high among fans and a contract in place until 2022, he appears to be in a strong position.

“I’ve got no problem with my current situation,” Dyche said. “I presume (my record) counts in the sense that most people feel we’ve done a good job collectively over the years and the new ownership group, I’m sure they’re aware of that.”

Dyche said he felt Lampard had been doing a good job at Chelsea but the club’s willingness to dispense with a fan favourite was a sign that the pressure on managers was becoming ever more intense.

“The demands change and get higher and higher,” he said. “It mirrors life and our demands as people. We all want everything delivered tomorrow, we want it cheaper, we want a bigger backup system and support.

“It’s that consumer side of life. That’s a little bit of a turnaround in football. Sometimes in a very short space of time people decide you’re not for the club and we need you out.”

Alan Pace’s ALK Capital Investment Group completed their takeover of Burnley at the start of the month, but Dyche is yet to meet the new chairman or the rest of the ownership group in person due to the pandemic, with business conducted solely over video calls so far.

Many of the conversations have centred on the transfer window, but Dyche said no deals were imminent with the club staying “flexible” in their approach.

Dyche came away from Sunday’s 3-0 FA Cup win over Fulham talking up the options within his current squad as injury problems ease and fringe players put pressure on those ahead of them in the pecking order – something which might make January signings less of a priority.

“We’re pretty well covered,” Dyche added. “In a perfect world you want two players in every position and young players behind coming through. We got stretched last season and earlier this season but when everybody’s fit we’re not far away.

“They’ve got to be players who you think can quickly come into the squad and deliver. We’re in pretty good shape and not overthinking anything, but if the right players become available with the right qualities we need, that’s a different thing.”

Burnley host Aston Villa on Wednesday before travelling to Stamford Bridge on Saturday, but Dyche said he had not yet had time to think about how Chelsea’s expected appointment of Thomas Tuchel would affect his planning for the weekend.

“I don’t know what will happen with him in terms of quarantine. Will he have to come in and wait?” he said.

“In theory, if he is appointed, I don’t know what the rules are for him. Then of course the next step is for him to work with the team.

“We’ve just got to be flexibly-minded for what could occur with that situation.”