Police deliver takeaway after driver knocked from scooter


Police in Surrey helped a rider get his delivery to the right address after he was knocked from his scooter by a falling branch.

The rider suffered a “badly broken arm” and became trapped under the bike according to @SurreyRoadCops, the roads policing unit for Surrey Police.

He was eventually located on “a very dark private road off the beaten track” on Park Road in Banstead, whereupon one Sergeant Schultze was able to deliver the food to its intended destination.

“The delivery rider on this scooter in Banstead was knocked off when a tree branch fell on to him,” tweeted @SurreyRoadCops.

“He was trapped under the bike with a badly broken arm but was able to talk us in to his remote location.

“Sgt Schultze delivered the food to the customers address for him #service.”

The police confirmed that their insurance “covers any purpose our role requires” when asked by social media users, and said no tip was received for delivering the package, containing soup, which Sgt Schultze did on foot.

The social media account described the controller who spoke to the driver as a “#hiddenhero”.

“One of our controllers stayed on the line with the rider as he waited for us to arrive,” tweeted @SurreyRoadCops.

“He was a bit unsure of his exact location, laying trapped under his scooter, in a great deal of pain & in the pitch black. But he was reassured help was coming by the controller #hiddenhero.”

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