Jason Manford to host new quiz show for BBC One

Jason Manford is to host a new general knowledge quiz called Unbeatable for BBC One Daytime.

The show will see four contestants take part in a knockout competition where they are asked questions and hope to be able to give the “unbeatable” answer to streak ahead of their rivals and win a cash prize.

Comedian Manford said: “I know how important daytime quizzes are for a lot of people.

“I used to sit with my Nana Manford and mum watching them, they keep the brain going, they’re a chuckle, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this exciting, brand new one.

“The great thing about Unbeatable is you don’t even need to know the actual answer to appear clever.

“I feel like this is the quiz show I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

Carla-Maria Lawson, head of Daytime and Early Peak at the BBC, said: “Unbeatable is a real treat for Daytime’s quiz-savvy viewers who love to play along, and with Jason at the helm we can promise there’ll also be plenty of laughs along the way.”

The show, which is a co-production between Possessed and 12 Yard, both part of ITV Studios, will be filmed in Glasgow.

It will be broadcast on BBC One in the afternoon later this year.