The Porsche Taycan range has expanded with new rear-wheel-drive model

Porsche has introduced a fourth Taycan variant in the form of a new entry-level rear-wheel-drive model.

The electric Tesla Model S rival was Porsche’s second-best-selling vehicle in 2020, and this less expensive version will only enhance its appeal.

Porsche Taycan RWD
Porsche Taycan RWD

There are two battery sizes on offer, with the standard Performance Battery providing a range of 268 miles and coming with an electric motor providing up to 402bhp. Buyers can upgrade to the Performance Battery Plus, which offers up to 468bhp and a range of 301 miles.

Despite being the lesser-powered mode, acceleration is still brisk, with 0-60mph coming up in 5.2 seconds before going on to a top speed of 143mph – figures that are identical regardless of which battery is chosen.

The #Taycan optimises E-Performance for all driving and weather conditions. By reacting intelligently to the driving style of previous journeys, conditioning the battery based on the route and outside temperature, it adapts to its surroundings.

— Porsche GB (@PorscheGB) January 16, 2021

The standard battery can charge at up to 225kW while the Plus has a 270kW limit, meaning both can be charged to 80 per cent in just over 20 minutes and can add about 60 miles of range in around five minutes.

Design elements unique to the rear-wheel-drive Taycan are 19-inch ‘Aero’ alloy wheels with black brake callipers, while inside it gets partial leather upholstery.

The new rear-wheel-drive Taycan will go on sale in the UK in spring, priced from £70,690. By comparison, the Taycan 4S, which sits above it in the range, costs from £83,580.