Angela Rippon says she is ‘delighted’ to have received coronavirus vaccine


Angela Rippon has said she is “genuinely delighted” to have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

The journalist and television presenter, 76, said she had “no hesitation” in taking up the offer of receiving the jab.

She was given her first dose of the vaccine on Wednesday at St Charles’ Hospital, west London.

Women in Film and TV Awards 2019 – London
Women in Film and TV Awards 2019 – London

In a statement, the Rip Off Britain presenter said: “I am genuinely delighted – and relieved – to have received this vaccine.

“I certainly had no hesitation because I believe it is the right thing to do and ultimately the best way out of the pandemic.

“This will save lives. It will protect us.

“It was a fascinating experience, and real privilege to see an NHS Covid-19 vaccine team in action.”

Sir Ian McKellen comments
Sir Ian McKellen comments

She said the whole process took just over 15 minutes, adding: “Nothing was rushed, and everyone was made to feel special.

“It was a well-oiled machine by a first class team.”

She said the volunteers and medics were “friendly, professional and reassuring”.

Rippon joins famous faces including actress Dame Judi Dench, broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, actor Sir Ian McKellen, Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith and entertainer Lionel Blair in receiving the vaccine.

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