Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock marries Emma Louise Connolly


Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock has tied the knot with girlfriend Emma Louise Connolly.

The couple announced they got married on December 15, writing on Instagram: “Love wins!”

The reality star and the model had re-scheduled their wedding numerous times because of the coronavirus pandemic and Connolly told Tatler: “It was an amazing, emotional and intimate day – we were just excited we were finally married.”

Proudlock continued: “Our grand plan had been to have 200 to 150 people at Cowdray Park.

“All of a sudden we could only have 15 guests and then just days before we were due to get married, Boris dropped the bomb that lockdown was happening and everything would be cancelled again.”

The couple scrambled to re-arrange the wedding one more time and Proudlock said: “It was like something out of Home Alone, I just started running round calling everyone to see if they could change the date.

“By the time Emma got home I said: ‘Don’t worry we’re getting married tomorrow instead.'”

He added: “We are married and that was the most important thing to us. Our honeymoon was slightly unusual as we spent it at home isolating with Emma-Lou’s mum and dad.

“Hopefully later in the year we might be able to celebrate with our other friends and family. It will be great to be able to dance and hug – I’m probably going to have to order triple the amount of alcohol!”

The couple got engaged in 2018 while celebrating their fourth anniversary in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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