Rufus Hound responds to 'Dancing On Ice' critics: 'You were never going to be my friend'

Dancing on Ice: SR13 on ITV, Pictured: Rufus Hound. (ITV)
Rufus Hound has responded to critics. (ITV)

Rufus Hound has responded to Dancing On Ice viewers who complained about his “political” comments on the show, saying it was unlikely they would ever have been his friends.

The comedian and actor called out the government for its lack of support over free school meal vouchers in his debut on the celebrity skating show, but while many fans cheered on his comments, some people complained about him bringing politics into the series.

After Hound won the show’s first ever golden ticket, a free pass to the next round of the competition, he told host Phillip Schofield: “We live in a world where the people we elect don’t want to feed hungry children – this is the least mad thing that has happened to me in a long time.”

Rufus Hound. Dancing On Ice 2021 (ITV)
Rufus Hound won the show's first golden ticket. (ITV)

Many viewers tweeted their support for his comments, which referred to politicians voting against extending the free school meals vouchers scheme, and the meagre food parcels that were sent out to vulnerable children last week.

But there were some who disagreed, saying he should not have brought political views into a light entertainment programme.

One tweeted: “Never heard of this Rufus Hound person. Sounds like a name for a dog to be fair. Politics don't belong in family entertainment!”

Dancing on Ice: SR13 on ITV, Pictured: Robin Johnstone and Rufus Hound. (ITV)
Rufus Hound with his skating partner Robin Johnstone. (ITV)

Another commented: “Well you’ve spoilt DOI by allowing Rufus Hound (who?) to spout rubbish against the Government, people are switching off in their 100’s. Politics shouldn’t be allowed in this sort of entertainment. Well done ITV.”

Now Hound has responded to his critics with a generous message that also thanked his many supporters.

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He tweeted: “To the people who want to be cross with me – you were never going to be my friend. I wish it were different, but such is the world we now live in.

“To everyone else, thanks for all your lovely messages. I will try to keep doing funny ice dances for you x”

Many of Hound’s comedian and performer friends commented in support of him, including Danny Wallace, Marcus Brigstocke and Jan Ravens.

Wallace wrote: “Anyone cross with you for having fun, skating on ice, standing up for hungry kids... well, they'd be cross with a lollipop lady. x”

Hound shared his friend’s disbelief, replying: “Right?! It seems mental that the fact this government whipped its members to vote against feeding hungry children is necessarily party political.

“But, 2021 man. What a ride.”

Hound’s fans also responded to say they hadn’t seen anything wrong in his comments and think him for using his platform to make a necessary point.

One tweeted: “What you said is what a lot of us are already thinking. And to those who think that the show shouldn't be political need to learn that politics is EVERYWHERE! Keep being you!”

Another added: “Thank you for what you said. Not everyone loved it but the issue is being talked about again which is vital to create change. When feeding kids is seen as a radical left wing agenda you can see how far we’ve fallen.”

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