This Morning doctor Zoe Williams shares baby news


This Morning doctor Zoe Williams has revealed she expecting her first child with boyfriend Stuart McKay.

The TV doctor told Hello! magazine that prior to meeting him, she was considering trying to conceive via a sperm donor.

Williams, 40, said: “As a doctor none of this is new to me, but when you’re the patient the experience is the same as for anyone else.

“Having my scan was just the most amazing thing. It’s so magical, the wonder of seeing this little life that’s growing inside you.”

Williams, 40, said there were “two big ambitions” she had for her life, and “one was to be a doctor and the other was to be a mother”.

She said that when she met McKay she was “considering having a baby on my own”.

“As Stuart and I got to know each other it almost felt disingenuous and wrong not to talk about this thing that, in the months leading up to that, had been a really big part of my life,” she said.

ITV Palooza 2018 – London
ITV Palooza 2018 – London

“So on our third or fourth date I told him I needed to know what his intentions were if our relationship worked out.”

Williams added: “If I could go back two years and speak to myself and say that by January 2021 you will have met the love of your life, be pregnant and you’ll have spent most of the year in lockdown I would have said you are having a laugh.”

Read the full interview in Hello! magazine, out now.

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