Coronation Street unveils new character Ronnie Bailey


Coronation Street has unveiled a new character – “Jack the lad” Ronnie Bailey.

Played by Vinta Morgan, the entrepreneur and investor will appear on the cobbles next month, arriving in a flash sports car.

Ronnie, who is Ed Bailey’s brother, is going to make life “a lot more complicated for the Bailey family”.

The soap’s producer Iain MacLeod said: “Ronnie Bailey is a massive injection of chaos, energy and humour.

“He is a Jack the lad that will tip their current cosy existence on its head and set many cats among many pigeons, up and down the street, much to Ed’s exasperation.

“In comes Ronnie with a hand grenade with the pin already out and we are all wondering when he is going to drop it, and as you can predict on a show like ours he will drop it when it will do maximum damage. It’s an exciting time in the Bailey household.”

Morgan, whose recent credits include Unforgotten, Ted Lasso and Grace Under Pressure, said it was “so great” to be joining the soap.

“I grew up watching it, I know the characters, I’ve lived the stories and now, to play my part on the street, I can only say I’m blessed,” he said.

“In my household it has always been a firm favourite and I’m so thrilled to be joining as this enigmatic character.”

He will appear on screen from February 19.

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