Anxiety at highest level since April as Britain enters lockdown – ONS

Anxiety soared and happiness and life satisfaction fell as Britain entered its third national lockdown, figures have shown.

Levels of anxiety are at their highest since last April, when the first wave of coronavirus was at its peak, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

Some 42% of adults reported high levels of anxiety, the highest proportion since April 3 to 13, when 46% reported this.

People surveyed between January 7 and 10 also said they were less happy, less satisfied with their lives overall and were less likely to feel things they are doing are worthwhile.

The fall in wellbeing coincides with the start of England’s third national lockdown, announced on January 4, when people were told to stay at home.

This was also announced for Scotland on January 4 while Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford extended restrictions to the whole nation earlier on December 19.

The ONS analysed responses from 3,833 people as part of its Opinions and Lifestyle Survey to understand the impact of Covid-19 on society.