Joe Wicks says he is ‘extremely embarrassed’ for breaking wind during PE lesson

BBC Children In Need and Comic Relief 'Big Night In'
BBC Children In Need and Comic Relief 'Big Night In'

Joe Wicks has said he is "extremely embarrassed" after he broke wind during one of his PE lessons.

The fitness coach said it was a "mistake" and he thought his live broadcast was yet to begin, however the noise was captured on camera just before he leapt into view to begin the class.

He said he was not aware the noise had been captured on film until he read about it after the class had finished.

In a post on Instagram, he said: "I squatted down & felt a huge build up of pressure in my tummy.

"Just before I thought I was live on air and whilst in a panic I hastily let rip and unfortunately the sound was heard far and wide.

"To those listening on a 50 inch TV with a sub woofer on Dolby surround sound please forgive me.

"I'm extremely embarrassed and I will do my best to ensure this doesn't happen again."

He added he was "backed into a corner with nowhere to go".

"Time was running out and I planned on making a big entrance with the full splits so I went for it and squeezed as hard and as fast as I could," he said.

He shared the apology alongside a video clip of the incident.

Wicks has relaunched his PE lessons, which were a hit during the first lockdown last year, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am.

Monday's lesson was livestreamed by 121,000 people around the world, according to Wicks.