The Isuzu D-Max gets a new face and improved off-road abilities

Isuzu has revealed the updated Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck, which has a more modern appearance, better off-road capabilities and improved safety technology.

The most obvious styling changes are up front, where the key design features have been lifted to give the truck more presence on the road, with the grille and headlights overhauled. The result is a more modern and aggressive look.

Isuzu D-Max
Isuzu D-Max

Inside, the dashboard has been given a layered design with a new infotainment system and soft-touch materials that Isuzu says gives it a more spacious and premium feel.

The D-Max’s road manners have been improved with upgraded sound proofing and a new front and rear suspension.

It’s more capable off-road too, thanks to a new four-wheel-drive system that engages more quickly, as well as a rear differential lock on All-Purpose and Adventure trims. The ladder chassis has been strengthened with larger rails and an extra panel for more underbody protection.

All double cab versions get three additional driver assistance systems, including emergency lane keeping for the first time.

The diesel engine is a 162bhp unit, making 360Nm of torque with the choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, which now shifts up to 25 per cent faster. It has a 3.5-tonne towing limit and a payload limit above a tonne.