Silence e-moto scooter arrives in the UK as low-cost urban transport solution

Silence, an electric scooter manufacturer, has released its range of e-moto electric mopeds as a way of lowering costs for getting around urban areas.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery system, the scooter features a ‘click and go’ system which allows the users to disconnect the battery from the bike and charge at any 240V socket. In addition, Silence scooters can generate extra charge when slowing down.

The company states that the e-moto can reduce running costs to around £1 per 100 miles charged, with each bike capable of returning up to 91 miles from a single charge.

Silence scooter
Silence scooter

It has enough power to deal with inner city traffic too thanks to a 0-30mph time of 3.9 seconds.

Made up of four models, prices for Silence’s range of scooters start from £2,695 and rise to £4,995.

The Silence S01 is designed to be equivalent to a 125cc scooter or motorcycle and utilises a 5.6kWh battery and 9kW electric motor. This model brings a range of up to 80 miles and a top speed of 62mph. Prices start from £4,995.

Next down are the Silence S02 and S02 LS Long Range, which the company sees as mobility options for door-to-door delivery services and business users. The Long Range variant is limited to 30mph but, thanks to a 5.6kWh battery and 1.5kW motor, returns a range of 91 miles.

Silence scooter
Silence scooter

The more powerful S02 version, meanwhile, brings a 7kW motor which allows for speeds of up to 56mph and up to 80 miles of range. Prices start from £3,595 and £4,695 respectively.

Finally, there’s the S02 LS, which is pitched as a scooter in the same category as a 50cc motorcycle. Designed for younger riders, it can only achieve 30mph flat-out, while its 2kWh battery will return up to 35 miles from a single charge. Prices for this model start from £2,695.

John Edwards, one of four founders of Silence UK, said: “The UK transportation market is changing at an unprecedented pace; the launch of the Silence family of class-leading electric moto scooters meets the demands of consumers and companies on so many levels.

“The Silence brand is cool, the products are even cooler – simple, smart, clean and beautifully designed. We’re excited about bringing Silence to Britain, delivering class-leading products and providing a class-leading ownership experience to a new family of customers.”