Rebekah Vardy ‘petrified’ to return to Dancing On Ice after injuring pro partner


Rebekah Vardy has said she was “petrified” to skate again after she injured her professional partner so badly during Dancing On Ice rehearsals that he had to go to hospital.

Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, is teamed with pro skater Andy Buchanan for the ITV show.

She said it was a “horrific experience” when her blade sliced his face.

She said: “I actually thought he was messing around to begin with, because he does like a bit of a joke and he likes to rib me quite a bit, and we were doing a move and the last thing he said to me was ‘Don’t kick me in the face.’

“I was like ‘Why would you say that? You are just going to jinx us!’

“So we did what we were doing and he nearly dropped me and I was like ‘Oh shit what has gone on?’ And I looked at him and he was holding his face and I said ‘Stop messing about’ and I laughed, and then he removed his hand from his face and there was blood everywhere.

“I hate the sight of blood, five kids and I can’t deal with blood, and I nearly passed out.

“And it wasn’t good, I felt horrific, and all he was worrying about is our show and tell the following day and I was like ‘How are you even thinking about skating? I’m worried about your face!’

“But I think it just shows what we are doing is really dangerous and you’ve got to be super careful. But I don’t go into training sessions thinking am I going to fall because if you start thinking about falling, you’re going to deck it.”

She continued: “He was so sympathetic, he was more worried about me than himself and he kept saying ‘It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault’ and as much as they want to say it’s not your fault, you totally know it was your fault because if you’ve done it right it would never have happened.

“But we have been doing this for a few months, not years and years, so accidents are going to happen, it’s just how you bounce back from them.

“I was petrified (to go back on the ice), the very next day after I injured him we had our show and tell in front of all the coaches and that was the first time we ran our routine in front of people and I felt so sick.

“I didn’t even think I would be able to do it, but with that you just have to get straight back out there, straight back on it because if you don’t, fear will just overcome everything that you’ve achieved so far and it will make everything that you’ve done before worthless.”

Buchanan is not the only professional skater to suffer an injury ahead of the new series of the ITV show.

Graham Bell’s partner Yebin Mok’s leg was lacerated by an ice blade during rehearsals.

The Olympic skier will no longer compete in the first episode of the series and will dance alone in the group number.

When he does take to the ice next weekend he will partner Karina Manta, who is stepping in for Mok.

Dancing On Ice begins on ITV on Saturday.