Olivia Attwood criticises influencers claiming to need to travel abroad for work

Olivia Attwood has criticised influencers who claim they need to be abroad for work, saying people are “losing their family members daily”.

The reality star hit out at social media personalities who are posting paid partnerships from foreign countries while tight coronavirus restrictions remain in place at home.

Current rules mean people are not permitted to travel unnecessarily, including foreign trips.

TRIC Awards 50th Birthday – London
TRIC Awards 50th Birthday – London

“There’s a difference between being able to earn money from wherever you are and being on holiday for work,” Attwood said in a video posted on Instagram.

“Whenever I go on holiday, I will post content which I can monetise.

“I’m still on holiday, I don’t go, ‘Oh me and [my boyfriend] Brad have had the most amazing week in Portugal but don’t worry, I was flat out working’. You just sound so stupid.

“And on top of that you have got the ones going, ‘Oh we are all in this together, this is our struggle’.

“No it’s not, you are on holiday and to be fair I don’t f****** blame you.”

Attwood said she would not rule out taking a trip abroad herself.

TV Choice Awards 2018 – London
TV Choice Awards 2018 – London

“If this goes on for another six months, I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t potentially be tempted to take a trip, because I probably f****** would,” she added.

Attwood said influencers who claim to be working abroad are “giving a whole load of people a bad reputation when actually some people have just gone away and put their hands up and been like, ‘Yeah, I’m on holiday’.”

Attwood added: “People are losing their family members daily, people can’t pay their rent, people’s lifelong businesses they have worked their f****** bollocks off are crumbling around them and you are on your stories on the beach telling us we don’t know how hard it is.”