New NIO ET7 EV brings autonomous tech and 620-mile range

NIO’s new ET7 electric saloon has been unveiled, bringing cutting-edge features and an impressive 620-mile range.

The new ET7 follows on from the EC6 SUV and has been initially launched in China, with prices starting from ¥448,000 (around £51,000) for the entry model and rising to ¥526,000 (circa £60,000) for the range-topping version.

The Chinese manufacturer focuses on electric vehicles and launched a battery-swapping service in August last year that would allow buyers to purchase a car without a battery, thus bringing the initial purchase cost down.

Though first examples are predicted to arrive with customers in China early next year, given that the ET7 has been designed to comply with Euro NCAP safety regulations it looks set to arrive on our shores soon after.

Thanks to a choice of battery sizes – 70kWh, 100kWh and 150kWh – buyers are able to pick between three different electric ranges. The top model delivers the most range at 620 miles, while 100kWh and 70kWh versions bring 435 and 310 respective miles per full charge. However, these ranges were calculated using outdated NEDC tests, so the actual figures are likely to be lower when the ET7 is tested under more stringent WLTP tests.

The ET7 utilises a solely electric powertrain, with a motor placed on each axle. Combined, the setup produces 644bhp and 850Nm of torque, which is capable of sending it from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds.

As well as the electric powertrain, NIO plans to up the ET7’s technology levels by incorporating fully autonomous systems at some point during the car’s lifetime. NIO already claims that a vast suite of sensor systems have been developed for the car, including 33 high-performance sensing units, high-resolution cameras and high-resolution LiDAR radar technology.

It also features dual-beam LED headlights and a ‘crystal-like’ taillight.

Inside, the ET7 uses renewable rattan material, while all interior seats are both heated and ventilated and offer a massage system too. The main infotainment setup brings a 12.8-inch display, which is bolstered by a 23-speaker system bringing 1,000W of sound power.