Dame Joan Collins: Keeping fit indoors has ruined my carpet

Dame Joan Collins says getting the Covid-19 jab was the "easiest thing" – as she revealed she has "worn out the carpet" by keeping fit during lockdown.

The ex-Dynasty star, 87, received the "painless and seamless" vaccination on Saturday morning, on the "same day as our Queen!"

She told Good Morning Britain: "I really wanted to get it. I just wanted to tell anybody who is worried about it, there is nothing to worry about. It was the easiest thing.

"It was just like a little scratch, there was no pain at all. I had no after effects. I went home and had a drink, even.

"If you are advised by your GP to go, please go."

Dame Joan said she "rushed" to get the vaccine after getting the call.

She told the ITV show she found lockdown "pretty difficult" before channelling "how I was as a little tiny girl, during the war...

"We didn't have a television and we didn't have a lot of things but... I did a lot of reading, writing, painting, drawing," she said.

"I did a lot of things with my hands and this is what I'm starting to do."

The glamorous actress has taken a novel approach to exercising, because she loathes winter walks.

"I really don't like going for long walks when it's three degrees," she said.

"So, I've been walking around our flat, I've worn out the carpet."

Asked if getting the jab was the best thing she has done since appearing in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, she quipped: "I would say it beats it hands down!"

Actor Sir Ian McKellen, 81, Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith, 80, and rock and roll star Marty Wilde, 81, have previously shared their experiences of getting the vaccine.

The Government is aiming to offer inoculations to almost 14 million vulnerable people in the UK by mid-February.