What the papers say – January 9


The startling fact the UK has recorded its highest number of Covid-19 deaths reported on a single day since the pandemic began is splashed across the national front pages.

Virus infections in the capital are “out of control”, the Financial Times quotes London mayor Sadiq Khan as saying.

The Independent reports the UK recorded the highest death toll for a single day, while the i weekend says police officers have been redeployed to drive ambulances.

The Daily Telegraph has ministers considering “tough new measures” to force people to limit their movements, with Boris Johnson imploring families to stay at home in the Daily Mail.

The Guardian has been given rare access to a hospital in Milton Keynes, where the paper says “people are terrified” amid the grip of the crisis.

Police are already toughening enforcement measures, according to The Times, which reports two women in Derbyshire were fined for walking together while carrying tea.

The Daily Mirror and Daily Express have noted the harsh reality but offer some hope courtesy of the newly approved Modern vaccine.

The funeral of Dame Barbara Windsor leads The Sun, which quotes her former co-star and friend Ross Kemp as saying: “The nation love you… we all will miss you.”

And the Daily Star mocks up Donald Trump – who it refers to as being “Madder than Mad Jack McMad” – after the US president said he will miss the inauguration of successor Joe Biden.

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