Eddie Izzard: I feel wonderful when called ‘she’

Eddie Izzard has called for a ‘live and let live’ attitude towards gender identity

The gender-fluid comic, 58, was recently referred to as “she/her” while appearing on a TV show.

Izzard told ITV show Lorraine: “There is a request but it is never a demand or an insistence.

“Some people twist that and some people get het up about it …

“If people have a problem, just call me Eddie. It is no big deal for me. I am gender-fluid.

“I do all my dramatic roles in boy mode. If people are angry, I am trying to tell the truth at a time when lies are used as a tool of politics …

“I am trying to tell what is actually going on and we are getting closer and closer to finding out what the genetic thing is in transgender and that is going to help humanity,” the star said.

“This century I think is the coming of age of humanity, it is either going to be our first century or our last. We are either going to make it a fair world for everyone or we are not going to make it.”

On being misgendered, Izzard said: “It is live and let live. If anyone refers to me as ‘she’ or ‘her’, I feel a wonderful feeling.

“But if they go ‘he’ or they just call me ‘Eddie’ or ‘mate’ or ‘mush’ – mush is alright.

“I want everyone to back off it … Stop being so obsessed about this. Just back off – we are all human beings and we need to make humanity work.”