Junior Stanislas admits explaining racism to his twin sons has been difficult


Junior Stanislas has spoken about the difficulty of trying to explain racism to his twin sons after receiving online abuse.

The Bournemouth midfielder was targeted in the wake of the Cherriesโ€™ 1-0 Sky Bet Championship victory at Stoke on Saturday in which he had scored a late winner, prompting his club to condemn the attack.

Stanislas admits he has become all to familiar with abuse over the years and has twin nine-year-old sons, Alex and Jacob, one of whom has also been a victim.

He told Sky Sports News: โ€œIn the past month, both myself and one of my sons have both had racial abuse, so I had to wake up in the morning and explain to them what had happened because they had to go to school and people might mention it to them.

โ€œThe difficult thing with my sons is that, with them being twins, theyโ€™re one in a million twins. One is my colour with dark hair and dark eyes, the other one has white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

โ€œThe sad fact of the matter is one of them has already seen racism and sadly will see it probably throughout his life and the other one, although theyโ€™re exactly the same race, will never see it or experience it.โ€

Stanislas revealed he only really considered the impact of the messages sent to him after sitting back and talking it through with team-mates.

He said: โ€œItโ€™s becoming a regular thing and although for me personally itโ€™s the first time Iโ€™ve had online abuse, Iโ€™ve had it all the time growing up. I wouldnโ€™t say Iโ€™m numb to it, but itโ€™s becoming all too familiar.

โ€œIt was only when I sat back and analysed it with some of the lads that I saw how disgusting it was.โ€

The incident comes at a time when footballers have been taking the knee in support of the anti-discrimination across football and wider society, and Stanislas is eager to understand the motivation of those responsible.

He said: โ€œIt would be nice to understand and get the viewpoints of someone who is saying these things, what goes on and how their mind works.

โ€œJust because someone is a certain skin colour, how do they have the right to say things about them even if weโ€™re exactly the same but just have a different skin colour? Itโ€™s crazy really.โ€

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