What the papers say – January 3

The Sunday front pages concern the controversy surrounding Britain’s schools as the fight against Covid-19 continues.

Pressure from teaching unions is building on Education Secretary Gavin Williams to keep England’s schools closed for longer, according to The Independent.

The Observer says teachers are taking legal action to block schools reopening as unions tell staff to stay away from classes.

But The Sunday Telegraph leads on a warning from the chief of Ofsted about “dire consequences” for “our children’s futures” if this happens.

The Sunday Express leads on Boris Johnson declaring “this is (the) year we will defeat Covid”.

There will be a postcode lottery for vaccinations amid a “patchwork roll-out” of the jabs, The Sunday Times reports.

Sunday People splashes with a warning about observing Covid guidelines from a woman whose mother died while they were both in hospital with the illness.

The Sunday Mirror has an exclusive interview with the “jet ski romeo” who was jailed for traversing the Irish Sea to the Isle Of Man to visit his girlfriend in violation of pandemic restrictions.

And the Daily Star Sunday reports on a lawsuit involving the TV show Mrs Brown’s Boys.