Love Island’s Jamie Jewitt reveals ‘dad bod’ after gaining four stone


Jamie Jewitt said he has woken up for the first time on New Year’s Day “without a banging headache and a hell of a hangover” as he shared his “Dad-bod diaries” after revealing he has gained four stone.

The former Love Island star said it was a “good start to the year” as he detailed his quest to get fit and healthy in 2021 after becoming the heaviest he has ever been.

The model and actor, who shot to fame on the ITV2 reality show, said he has piled on the pounds since he was on the programme and welcomed baby daughter Nell with partner and co-star Camilla Thurlow.

He wrote on Instagram: “I have hit a new personal heaviest at 16 1/2 stone and to be honest I’m really not happy about that.

“Time to do something about it.”

He added: “For those asking, during Love Island I was 80kg. 4 stone and 25kg lighter than I am now.

“I don’t want to be that thin again as personally I feel better a little heavier. But that’s a little idea of the difference.”

“Happy new year to everyone, hope you had a good night last night.

“This is definitely the first time I’ve woken up on January 1 without a banging headache and a hell of a hangover so it’s a good start to the year, it’s a plus.”

He added: “When I posted that picture at the beginning of this week, showing the state of my health and what I wanted to do about it, I didn’t expect the response I’ve got.

“I’m enjoying this more than I have anything, definitely any time that I’ve been on a health kick and it’s been because of this back and forth.”

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