Jessie J ‘sets story straight’ after revealing ear condition


Jessie J has said she wants to "set the story straight" after she revealed she had been told she has an inner ear condition that can cause sudden attacks of vertigo.

Meniere's disease can leave sufferers feeling like everything around is spinning, and they can lose their balance and feel sick.

The singer, 32, had previously said she woke up before Christmas and felt like she was "completely deaf in my right ear" and "couldn't walk in a straight line".

She added she visited an ear hospital on Christmas Eve, and continued: "I'm grateful that I went early and they worked out what it was real quick. I got put on the right medicine and I feel much better today. I'm super grateful for my health."

The singer has since clarified her comments, reposting clips of her live video and writing on Instagram: "I went live around 1am on the 27th December for 22 mins (specific). But facts matter.

"I sang (really quietly) for most of it and spoke a little. Anyone who watched it knows that's what happened. I go live a lot and don't post them. I saved this one. This is the speaking edited down.

"I have often in the past been open and honest about health challenges I have faced. Big or small. This was no different.

"BUT... Since going live I have watched the media take 3 words from this live and create a very dramatic version of the truth. I'm not surprised BUT I also know I too have the power to set the story straight.

"I'm not posting this for sympathy. Im posting this because this is the truth. I don't want anyone thinking I lied about what actually happened.

"I wasn't aware of Menieres before now and I hope this raises awareness for all the people who have been suffering way longer or worse than I.

"Appreciate EVERYONE who has taken the time out to check on me, those who have offered advice and support. Thank you. You know who you are.

"I love you all. It's been a weird yEAR for all of us. (Had to)."

Treatments for Meniere's disease include medicines to stop the patient feeling dizzy and sick.

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