Rules meant police officer was paid even after he admitted killing secret lover

Disgraced police officer Timothy Brehmer was paid for two months after he admitted killing his lover in a pub car park, it has been confirmed.

Dorset Police said misconduct proceedings were “fast-tracked” the moment “man whore” Brehmer entered a guilty plea to manslaughter at Winchester Crown Court on July 8 over the manslaughter of mother-of-two Claire Parry, 41.

But rules meant they had to continue paying Brehmer until he could be formally dismissed.

Brehmer strangled nurse Mrs Parry in his car at the Horns Inn in West Parley, Dorset, on May 9 2020, moments after their affair was exposed to his wife.

Married father-of-one Brehmer, 41, was acquitted of murder during a trial, but was jailed for 10 and a half years for manslaughter.

The court later heard Brehmer had been sacked by the police.

Claire Parry (Dorset Police/PA)
Claire Parry (Dorset Police/PA)

A one-page summary of his misconduct hearing on September 16 found there was “incontrovertible evidence” Brehmer committed gross misconduct.

The summary, released to the PA news agency under Freedom of Information laws, said: “Despite an unblemished service record and a high degree of remorse shown by the officer, public confidence would be significantly undermined if any sanction other than dismissal without notice were to be considered.”

No minutes were taken during the meeting, at which Brehmer was present.

Dorset Police also confirmed Brehmer continued to get paid until he was finally sacked.

In a statement, the force said: “As set out by The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 and the Police Reform Act 2002, pay can only be stopped once an officer is formally dismissed.

“As soon as Timothy Brehmer entered his guilty plea at court, fast-track misconduct proceedings were commenced and a hearing was held at the first available opportunity, which resulted in him being dismissed as soon as was practical.”

The Attorney General’s Office has referred the case back to the Court of Appeal after receiving a complaint under the unduly lenient sentence scheme, while Brehmer himself has also applied to appeal against the length of the custodial term handed down to him.